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Spicy competition at the Korean 1 2 3 Seollal festival in Lille


Join the spicy contest at the 1,2,3 SEOLLAL#3 Festival in LILLE!


To participate, you must:

- Be of LEGAL AGE (at least +18 y/o)

- Be physically healthy / visual signs of illness will result in disqualification

- Not be allergic to chili peppers or processed foods

- Sign a liability waiver (to be completed and signed if the application is accepted) 


Competition schedule:

- 6 participants per session

- In each round, the participant must eat a sheet of Korean seaweed (Nori) accompanied by Korean sauce from weakest to strongest, without eating or drinking (Milk/Pain).

- The last round will be timed to determine the winner.

- The contest will end at the last timed round.

- The contestant who withstands the chili the longest without eating or drinking (Milk/Pain) will win the round.


First place price:

- 1 Dinner for 2 people at Korean restaurant DAEHAN (Lille)
(The winner will be determined by the time of the last round of the 2 sessions)

- Gifts for the 2nd and 3rd finalists of the 2 rounds.



Registration opens on November 15. Please fill out the form below.



K-FRANCE may modify the rules of the contest at any time.
K-FRANCE shall not be held responsible for any incident arising during the contest involving chili pepper-related symptoms (a waiver to be attested by the contestant's honor).

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