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K-France Association

Created by the K-FRANCE association, the idea of the 1,2,3 SEOLLAL festival emerged in 2021.

With the arrival of the Korean cultural wave (HALLYU) in France, K-FRANCE conceived a festival dedicated to Korean culture and made for Korea lovers.

The first edition took place in 2022 at the Bazaar St-So in Lille.

In 2023, the second edition took place at the EuraTechnologies incubator (Bois-Blancs, Lille).

The association aims to organize an event that not only brings together aficionados of Korean culture, but also (re)introduces it to the general public.

This, thanks to numerous cultural elements specific to the Land of Morning Calm: K-Food, K-Beauty, K-Sport, and of course K-POP or K-Dramas. 


The first edition of the festival demonstrated the enthusiasm of the French public for South Korea and its culture.

After the resounding success of the second edition in 2023, the K-France Team is delighted to offer you a new edition in 2024! And this time, we'll be at Lille Grand Palais for an even bigger festival!

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